Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Well today was an interesting experience to say the least...I had planned a date day with the boys consisting of our favorite pizza place and Night at the Museum 3 but it didn't exactly go as planned!  Our pizza place was closed so we ended up listening to this man (who I now know was out of his mind) to eat at this "amazing" cafe...little did we know it was the farthest thing from amazing. It was a Peru-vian style restaurant.  We should have left when we couldn't even read the menu.  Bradyn's stir fry noodles were like eating slimy gummy worms, mine came covered in a mysterious mustard-cream-curry sauce and was too spicy to eat even though they didn't mention that on the menu, but the best was Ashley's fish tacos.  She took a big bite and the fish was ice cold...that's right ladies and gentleman they don't cook their fish they cure it in lime juice.  Needless to say..we will not be returning to that "amazing" place anytime soon.

Since none of us hardly ate our food....we decided a pit stop at one of our favorite places was necessary....cupcakes from The Cup! Yumm!

After a night of laying on the couch with severe stomach cramps...we never made it to our movie!  But oh well that just means I get another date with these 2 handsome men :)

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